Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paris 2007: Meals: Outside Paris

1) Light Meal at Creperie Au Chat Gourmand - La Boule
One of my favourite dining places during my trip. We discovered this place by chance. What seems to be the only place open for a late lunch, it was a really cute and quaint restaurant that serves crepes and galettes (aka creperie). The owner must be a serious cat lover because the entire place, from tip-to-toe (including bathroom accessories) are decorated with cat's motifs.

The savoury galettes were all great! Light yet filling at the same time, I could eat galettes everyday!

The dessert crepes were wonderful as well! And the nicest accompaniment to these meals, apple cider! Mmm..... refreshing and slightly sweet and boozy at the same, it's perfect for a lazy, sunny afternoon.

2) Favourite Meals - Salads (Cafe in Nantes, near main shopping square)
I have always love salads. One of my biggest disappointment is the lack of good salads in PJ/KL ,so imagine my delight when big variety of salads are found everywhere in France. Here are some good ones that we had for brunch before shopping in the city of Nantes.
Grilled Saint Jacques (Scallops) Salad with sesame dressing
Smoked Salmon Salad
Thai-styled Poached Chicken Salad

3) Dinner at La Croisette, La Baule
We were lucky to get a place within 20 minutes at this place without prior reservation, especially given the fact that after we sat down, we saw the queue grew to more than 10-feet long. One of the best restaurant dinners that I have had in France.
Steak Tartare with some kind of Moroccan sauce
Beef Carpacio in 2 Styles - so exquisite!

Best Salad - Their house salad that has a bit of everything - mixed greens, foie grais, confit de canard (slow braised duck), bacon, cold cuts dressed in simple balsamic olive oil dressing (they give you a cute miniature bottle). The serving was huge and more than sufficient as a main meal!

Main Dishes with Scallops - The scallops in this town is so fresh, huge and juicy!
Pizza Marinara - Again check out the generous amount of scallops!

Best moments: Dessert Time! Tiramisu (ok) and Creme Brulee (delish!)



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