Monday, May 14, 2007

Paris 2007: Meals - Home-cooked Meals

This trip, I was fortunate enough to stay at my dearest friend's place in the small town of Pornichet near to La Baule (one of the leading resorts on the French Atlantic coast, with a very beautiful beach several kilometers long).which is near to Nantes (near the Atlantic Ocean, western France; and most important city of historic Brittany). Her apartment fronts the beach side which makes it such an ideal place to chill for a few nights. Not only that, my delightful hosts churned out such delicious meals, night after night that it was tough for me to say goodbye when it was time to leave.

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Lovely town of Pornichet
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View of sunset at Pornichet beach from balcony at 9+p.m.
Freshest seafood from the market

One of my favourites - Saint Jacques (scallops). Superbly good when grilled with cheese.

I love, love, love the fresh vegetables in France. I can even eat them raw all the time. So sweet and crunchy!

A taste of my friend's cooking: Pasta a la Jenn (a marinara type pasta topped with lots of freshly grated parmesan)
and Sauteed french beans and mushrooms
Even the male chef in the house has a natural talent in cooking. Just look at these pictures of the most divine beef balls and rich and creamy whipped potato with creme fraiche.


Assembled dish.

Always some fresh baguette on the side.


Plentiful of wine provided. Pictured here is a very good and hearty Merlot fro Saint Emilion, Bordeaux and also a fine 30-year-old aged sweet sherry.

070427 019

And also the darling of the house: a sweet one-year-old English Bull by the name of Rage Winston (handsome name, isn't it?)

Thanks Jen and Pasi, for a truly fantastic time!



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