Monday, May 21, 2007

Paris 2007: The Rest of It (Food Review) Part 2

This is the last part of my food review in Paris and also my favourite restaurants in Paris.

Cafe Le Faubourg
Rue La Fayette
This cafe is located just around the corner from our hotel. Not till the 3rd day of our stay in Paris did we give this cafe a try and we were delighted with our decision to have our lunch there.

Plat du jour: Quiche Lorraine
"Silky, creamy, savoury, yummy..." These words kept repeating themselves as we savoured this dish.

Confit de Canard (Duck confit)
"So good, so good, I love you...."
This is basically duck braised in its own fat over long hours then pan-fried to get the crispy skin and usually served with potatoes sauteed with leftover duck fat and garlic and a serving of green salad. No gamey smell or taste whatsoever, even non duck-lovers will give their thumbs up.

Infact, so impressed were we with this little bistro that we went back for dinner on the same day. But ok, I admit, they weren't many options open since we had just finished shopping (late night shopping on Thursday) and it was close to 11p.m. and most kitchens were already closed for the night.
French Onion Soup
Cheesy goodness (melted cheese over pieces of bread) on top of a hearty broth. Perfect for a cold night.

Confit de Canard, round 2 (notice that this looked different from the one we had earlier but tasted just as good)
So you can imagine how good this was, no further explanations required...

Roast Chicken
Something similar to confit de canard, only that this is chicken. Good but not as good as the original confit.

A block of gouda cheese. Creamy with an underlying bitter taste, this goes very well with the somewhat sweet muscadet (a type of dry French white wine) that we enjoyed rather generously that night.

Le Faubourg, lovely at night as well....

Cafe du Marche
38 rue Cler (at rue de Champs)
Do a Google search and there are quite a number of reviews on this place inlcuding this one. This restaurant is located along the cobblestone street of the Rue Cler. In the earlier part of the day, the street is lined with a variety of stalls selling groceries that is reminiscence of a market place that was a slice right out of the 1950's. Too bad we missed that....

Confit de Canard
I don't think we would get sick of this dish just yet... The crispy skin, tender meat and tasty potatoes. This dish comes highly recommended for this place and I am not surprised. But honestly, I would not say that this was better than Le Faubourg's though. Both were equally good.

Plat du Jour (Dish of the day) - Poached Fish served on top of sauteed snake beans with a Asian-influenced slightly spicy bean sauce
This is another winner! A big chunk of fish with meat so tender and fresh. And the sauce that came with it complimented it perfectly. Truly fantastic!

Dessert: Warm Chocolate Cake with home-made Vanilla Ice-Cream
Nothing exciting as this dessert had become so common but what's even more important is that it tasted absolutely divine. A gorgeous souffle-like chocolate cake with a rich melted goeey center; and with the vanilla ice-cream to give a cold contrast to the warm dessert, it will send you directly to chocolate heaven...haha



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