Monday, May 21, 2007

Paris 2007: The Rest of It (Food Review) Part 1

Leon de Bruxelles
63 Av des Champs Elysées
This picture was taken at about 8:30p.m.
This is a popular chain of restaurants throughout Paris with reasonable prices and their specialty? Mussels! Cooked in various styles. My friend and I shared their set meal (mussels+fries+dessert).

Complimentary basket of fresh baguette.
Moules à la Marinière
A bucket of mussels cooked in particular style? Initially, I thought Marinière means Marinara (tomato-based seafood style) but no, it was actually cooked in its natural form. Meaning, the mussles are cooked but there is no sauce whatsoever. So although fresh, they were a little "too fresh" for my liking. I could literally taste the sea! Well, luckily the Tabasco sauce helped quite a bit.
Frites à volonté
One good thing, it comes with free-flow of thick-cut fries. Yummy!
Gaufre au sucre
Plain waffle with a dusting of sugar. I remember reading somewhere that their waffle came highly recommended so we ordered this and ended up being somewhat disappointed. It wasn't "bad" but it's just waffle, plain and simple. With a dusting of sugar; no butter, maple syrup or any other condiments. It might have been promising if the waffle was served warm but sadly, it wasn't.

Chez Clement
123, av des Champs Elysées
12 charming restaurants in Paris and Paris area. The chef prepares a simple and authentic cuisine.....
We sat outside with a fantastic view on the "Arc de Triomphe" on the Champs-Elysees although I should say that the interior is also very charming indeed. Reasonable prices, they are rather well-known for their rotisserie menu.

I like their sliced fresh baguette. Just the right amount of crusty and chewy factor.

French traditional "pâté"
Erm, although not mentioned in the menu, somehow I envisioned it to be a block of duck/goose liver pate but instead, we got some kind of terrine served with gherkins. Fallen short of expectations, this dish was already doomed from the beginning in my eyes....

Half a dozen of fresh oysters
Very fresh but not big enough (I found out later that they actually came in different sizes, the bigger the pricier lar....)

Rotisserie" Slice of beef, pork spare ribs, Loué "label Rouge" farm chicken "
A little bit of everything, it was done very well with a tasty and creamy mash topped with a brilliant brown gravy.



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